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Poor little flake. It seems you've just had a nightmare. Well get ready. Cuddle your parent, turn on all the lights, and pull the covers over your face.

Because this nightmare is no longer just a dream~ Don't believe me? Hahaha!You will soon enough.....


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I might have to go on hiatus again guys. It’s the start of summer. I need to relax and take things one step at a time. When I come back, I’ll see if I can continue with current threads, or simply start new ones!

If I get the time, I’ll come back in a while. 

~Love [Shikei]

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[ ✥; nightmaresandfrost is Now Lost in Darkness



[ ✥; Such a crowd this was. Cheering and screaming in joy of his circus. He should do this more often, but what fun would that be to watch the same thing over and over. The manic laughed as he saw a child cower in fear at the presence of one of his clowns. 
[ ✥; “Pathetic.” He snickered. 
The maniac began to walk around backstage, making sure everything was running smoothly. Quickly turning his head around to surveillance everything, something or someone caught his eye sight. 
[ ✥; “What is this?” He questioned as he walked over to the other silently. After reaching the other fro behind he raised his cane up and lightly tapped the other’s head.
[ ✥; “What are you doing back here?” He questioned as the other turned around and faced him. 

{❅} *Sssssst* whether the circus goer noticed it or not, it had already occurred. The tip of his cane, from tip to base, it was perfectly frosty. Black and blue and without a clue? Who knew. Oh, the haikus’..  

How he disliked clowns, yet the harbinger was reveling in the pitiable entertainment act for the crowd. They were actors playing their roles like good little pieces. But Jack was here as a theatergoer, he was simply looking for entertainment. But what he found…. was a strange little clown.

"I won’t say."


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lasairocrotg replied to your post: "You better not be picking on that little water…

“Not even in your dreams, Snow Angel. Besides it seems your having enough fun with Youth you don’t even need me.” *shrug* “Oh, well.”

Now, now. Don’t say that. I almost died without you here, you know? Not even that chesire cat kept me company~ Ah, I really like you, Lesair. I truly do. You still have a lot of responsibility. Now, it’s been quite a long time, no hug? No handshake? I think you care about that kid more than me. I’m hurt, I am heart broken! My korokoro~! It just hurts.

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bellalightningbug sent:

Bella appeared behind the boy, smiling as she gave him a quick hug from behind. "Just so you know. You're Jack to me. Not the dark version, not the nightmare version. Just Jack. Doesn't matter to me whether you're different or not, I don't lump you in with the other versions of you," she chuckled, giving him a squeeze before letting him go.



…………………….Hahaha……hahaha……you really are someone who doesn’t give up, are you?

He had nothing left to say. Theres nothing left to say. Even if there was, the miracle that she had gotten his letter, he knew that he stored it in the sea. It must have drifted towards her. Damn. It had to be her

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"You better not be picking on that little water runt again, Jack Rabbit."


I don’t think that you have any right to tell me how to play with my stuff. Although, if you just agree to kneel down and become my plaything, I’ll let you do as you please. 

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M!A Vibrator//Open RP//NSFW


Youth squirmed in his seat, he still wasn’t sure how to feel about this whole experience. Especially having something up his rear, but he was being nice. Giving it a shot. Thankfully they had went with something small, so working it in hadn’t been too much of an issue.

The uneasy water spirit pulled chlamys shut tight, flushing as he sat by. So far so good. The remote wasn’t being played with, so the only thing he felt was an uncomfortable presence there. Sighing, he looked about. Where did they go? …And more importantly where was the remote to this thing. “Um…Where’s the remote t-to this?”

"Well don’t you look happy?"

{❅} A raspy voice whispered from behind the water spirit. Dark, disembodied, eerie and bone chilling as it began to sound like nails scratching on a chalkboard. Moving from shadows to shadows. Tree to tree, it slowly descended from the sky with staff in hand and eyes covered by a blackish hoodie. The hoodie dropped back and the spirit smiled as his golden-ichor glare shimmered. 

Jack leaned forward and gave the youth a little smirk. So little was spoken, but so much was said by that one mischievous smirk.

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"How are you?" Such a conventional greeting might sound really out of character, right? 

The people who I write to, usually have so many brushes with death that “Are you still alive” suits things much, much better.

"How are you" benefits this much better.

How are you, ‘my’ beloved friend. 

Thanks for visiting me the other day. I was - I still am surprised you want to see me. I imagine that it’s your connection to my shell, isn’t it?

I push you away often. Well, my appearance is the very thing that draws you towards me, correct? The fact that you still walk behind me, for my sake, was a great surprise. Maybe this time is was a miracle? Hahahah. 

And the other day, thanks for asking about my condition. I never could understand why others go to such great lengths for ‘me’. Was ‘I’ such a good guardian that people smile when they hear my name, and are struck with disbelief the moment they see me?

The very thought is so easily suffocating. “You’re not Jack! What happened to Jack? Are you okay Jack? You’ve changed.” It’s annoying. 

You made the very same face that I’ve seen every time. But tell me, Fulgora. If I’m not Jack, then who am I? 

I’m no ‘Jack Frost’, I am no longer ‘Jack Frost’, I am simply….Jack Frost.I’m not the same, and I’m happy that I’m not. Soon,  ’Jack’ will die anyway. 

Heheheh….your face, is it shocked? I imagine you would read this with confusion riddled in your eyes, right? I wish I could see it, so that you would never see me as ‘Jack’ again. 

Guardian’s live off the belief of others, so, what will ‘Jack’ do when everyone stops believing in him? Jamie grows up, he forgets, no, not forget, but he will die. Everyone will, somehow, someday. His believers will shorten, and so will his life as it comes to an end.

I’m different. I won’t die. Not again.  

I wonder, how much do you know about ‘Me’? Cherish your little Frost, Fulgora, because is time is running out~ Hahahahaha…!

I think that if one day, somehow, by some twisted certainty, you find this letter, it might be too late. Maybe I will have succumbed to boredom finally die? Who knows?

But until then, I’ll document all of these letters. Know that Jack Frost, really, truly does exist. 

<See you again.> ~ From, Jokul Frosti